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Being Successful in Freelancing

Posted by Jerrick on October 25, 2020

Being Successful in Freelancing

Posted By: Jerrick on October 25, 2020

Hold Yourself Accountable.

Carry the understanding that you are responsible for your freelancing success and failures. It may be challenging being that you may be still working a 9 - 5 and just freelancing on the side. But focus on finding your balance with your job, family, and freelancing that could become your full-time job with the right effort followed by the right execution. Lastly, keep your why in mind at all times, you may be seeking the freedom that comes with freelancing. Remind yourself of your why when things may get tough.

Build Credibility

So if you thinking about freelancing, you probably already know what service you would like to provide. That may be photography, graphic design, web development, etc. Start getting the buzz up with what you’re doing even if you start out doing things for free. Network with other freelancers and connect with them through social media to help acquire customers through word of mouth. 

Set Proper Expectations With Clients

Become good at having difficult conversations. You may be uncomfortable talking about price, sending out proposals, promise to pay notes, etc. You can be a rockstar at your craft but if you can’t get this right it’s gonna be costly. Get good and master talking through deals.

Become a Leader In Your Field

Research every day, watch tutorials every day, practice every day, and always try new ways of doing things. Once you feel confident, start sharing your learning with others. Showcase your expertise through your blog and videos. You can even start educating right now, you only need to be one step ahead of your reader and likely you already are. This will help you acquire customers and potential pivot your revenue models to grow your business even further.

Develop Your Brand

You going to want to get this one right. You want to look consistent on social media. Your logo should be professional and speak the language of your brand. Your gonna want to showcase your best work and show an example of what you can deliver.

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