An Introduction to Thriveific and the Client Role

Welcome to Thriveific's client's docs. Thriveific is a client management system commonly used by a business that are servicing clients. If you're here it's likely your interaction with a business who uses Thriveific.

We hold a strong vision of making the client's interaction easy. We want it to make it easy for you to pay invoices, see your payment history, etc. Here is where you can learn more about how clients may interact with a workplace.

As a user on Thriveific, you can be a client on any workplace, you may even be a client on one workplace and hold a team member role on another.

Useful Links


Join Workplace


Account Overview

As a client using Thriveific, you may or may not hold an account of Thriveific. If you have an account any when interaction with a business who uses Thriveific, you can access to a "client portal." What you can do inside the client workplace is based on your user capabilities that have been assigned by a workplace administrator. Lastly, you will still get an email notification when you have a new invoice. You are not limited to only paying invoices inside your dashboard you also can pay them trough link sent to you via email.

No Account Overview

Now you may interact with a business using Thriveific only trough email. You may get new invoice and proposal notifications. To pay an invoice you would then just click the link provided in the email.

Creating Your Account

To create a Thriveific account visit:

Resetting Your Password

To create a Thriveific account visit:

Updating Communication Preferences

Settings > My Account > Communication Preferences

By default when joining a workplace communication preferences will be turned off. You can turn them on at any time right from your workplace.

Client Capabilities

Keep in mind that what you can and can't do in a workplace is based on your user capabilities. Your capabilities are controlled by the workplace administrator. Options and features that we talk about in the Clients Docs may not be applicable to you bas

Personal Information

We want to make it clear how your information is share. The business that you are interacting with may already have your contact and billing information.

Account Details & Billing Information

Account Details & Billing Information is a global information and is shared with the business entity that you are interacting with on Thriveific. When you are a client and a member of a workplace, this information is shared with the business operating that workplace, for example, making a billing information change with be visible to the companies that you're interacting with. Thriveific's role is to keep your data secure online and the business entities to keep your information secure offline. It is possible for you to be a client, and the two business entities are utilizing Thriveific.

Joining a Workplace

In order for you to gain access to a workplace your must:

  • Login to your Thriveific Account
  • Request to join a workplace
  • Once and if approved you will have access to the workplace

Don't have a Thriveific account? Click Here

  • First, create your account by clicking the above link.
  • Based on our security checks you may have to verify your email.
  • Visit the join workplace page and enter in only the subdomain of the workplace you would like to join.


If you are informed to join

Only type in demo in the form field.


Proposals are used to provide you, the client an estimated amount due for a service or product that is going to be delivered. You as a client can acknowledgment or reject a proposal once issued to you.

Now that proposal will be sent to you via email. You can approve or reject the proposal by clicking a link in the email or in your dashboard.

Note that if you are an internal client that proposal may be moved to an invoice at a later time, which means that you may not be able to view that proposal in your dashboard.


When you receive an invoice you will get an email notifying you of the invoice.

To pay that invoice look for the pay invoice button in the email. That link will take you right to a page to pay that invoice. After successful payment, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and an option for you to download your receipt.

Lastly, you may get an email notifying you of the payment based on the workplace settings.

Payment History

This is only applicable to clients who are members of a workplace. In your dashboard you can view all your payment history.


Resources can be documents, files, media, etc that the business entity is sharing with you.

Resources can be viewed in the client portal with the necessary capability.


The business entity uses projects to group a specific scope of work. Projects have one unique feature about them. If you have the necessary capability, you may be able to upload files or have access to records.

When viewing the project table. Look for the action column. If you have the necessary capability you may see the icons to upload or view the project files.

Work Requests

In your dashboard, you can submit work requests. This notifies the business entity that you are interacting with that you are in need of assistance of some kind. In your client dashboard when you navigate to "Work Requests" you will be able to create work requests of you have the necessary capability.