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Your Workplace

Your workplace is your very own web app, customize it, connect your domain, upload your logo, customize your app icon, and even customize your workplace's colors to match your brand!

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Admin Client Dashboard
The Expierence

One Workplace

See all your data, interact with your team and clients, manage your tasks, projects, financials and much more right from your centralized workplace.

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Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Time Tracking

The Punch Clock is where time tracking starts. Just punch in and select what you're working on while Thriveific tracks everything. Unleash your productivity by understanding how you allocate your time.
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Get paid faster with a conversion-focused and effortless invoice management system. Create invoices, notify clients, and accept payments like never before. It's easy for everyone, you, your team and your clients.
(SCA Ready) Requires Stripe account*

Admin Client Dashboard
Sms Broadcasts

Sms Marketing?
Whoosh. Send it!

Take your business to the next level with SMS Broadcasts. Automatically add users to an audience when they text your desired phrase or text code.

Requires Twilio account*
iPad Dashabord

Work Anywhere
At Anytime

Manage your tasks, projects, time, clients, team members, and more on any device anywhere in the world. All you need is Thriveific and an internet connection! Turn your workplace into an app to have access to your workplace in seconds. Also, you can customize your app's icons to match your company's logo!

360 Project View
SMS Triggers

SMS Responses

Explore unlimited possibilities with SMS Triggers. SMS Triggers utilizes automation to give more time back to you, from providing support, helping your organization connect with more customers, and even to closing more sales; the possibilities are ultimately up to you! Do what you can't with SMS triggers.

Try it out. text START to: (650) 240-4844

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Requires Twilio Integration*
iPhone Analytics View

Powerful Insights
Through Analytics

Centralized analytics focused on the correlation between time and financials. Master your productivity by understand how you allocate your time.

Client Portal

Connecting You
With Your Clients

Of course, your client's get a dashboard too. Inside their dashboard they can pay invoices, accept proposals and view payment history. In addition, You have control over the client's capabilites and what they can and can't do on your workplace.

File Storage Upload View

Accelerated, Secure
File Storage

Because emailing files is just too much. Upload files quickly and securely with our accelerated file transfer, your uploads are protected by AES-256 encryption.
Upload files anywhere, to

iPad Proposal View
Proposal Management

First Impressions
Matter The Most.

Show that your mean business. Proposals set the right expectations from the start; they're essential. With Thriveific, you can create proposals and send them to clients in seconds.

iPad Proposal View
Email Marketing

On Demand
Email Blasts

Send email broadcasts effortlessly and quickly to clients, team members, or subscribers in any audience.

Requires Mailgun account*

Create Documents
Collect Signatures

Effortlessly copy and paste any document content and get your documents signed faster. See how it works with the signature pad below.


I am SIGNER’S NAME, and I agree to be legally bound by this digital signature.

360 Project View
Project Management

Project Management

See everything that goes on in a project in one place; revenue, time spent, team members, tasks, proposals, and invoices.

360 Project View

Create & Share
Boards In Realtime

Keep track of anything; share in realtime.

360 Project View
Scratch Boards

Keeping Track
With Scratch Boards

Private Scratch Boards for you and everyone on your team. Quickly make notes and sort effortlessly. Scratch Boards are private and can only be viewed by the creator.

360 Project View

Letter Heads?
Yerp, No Problem

Effortless create company letterheads, want to add a signature to your letters? Effortlessly sign on the signature pad, and we will make the PDFs with your logo and writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thriveific is a cloud-based business management app provider. Thriveific provides the end-user with a customizable web app with features such as time-tracking, team collaboration, project workflows, financial management, document signing, analytics, SMS marketing, client management, custom user capabilities, customer relationship management, and even more.
Thriveific may bring value to any business that is providing a service to clients or managing a team.
Your purchase is backed by a 45 Day guarantee. In the event where you are unsatisfied with your service will refund the total amount you have paid with no questions asked. If you wish to be refunded please send an email to
Yes, you can customize the primary colors, logos, and even integrate your custom domain.
Your workplace is a web app by default; add it to your home screen to have access to your workplace is seconds. Make sure to create your iOS splash screens and customize your logos to make your app match your business!
Yes, we currently offer a 7-day free trial. Click here to start your free trial.
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Your workplace is your very own web app, customize it, connect your domain, upload your logo, customize your app icon, and even customize your workplace's colors to match your brand!

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