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Introducing Form Embeds

Posted by Jerrick on November 1, 2020

Introducing Form Embeds

Posted By: Jerrick on November 1, 2020
This feature is in beta and available to all users.

Form embeds allow you to easily securely capture and save data with minimal effort, and even process payments! Currently, there are four form types available; subscribe, lead, contact, and payment. Form embeds are automatically protected by Google reCAPTCHA.

Including JS

For subscribe forms, lead forms and contact forms add the below script before the closing body.

<script src="https://{{workplace_url}}"></script>

For payment forms add the below script before the closing body tag.

<script src="https://{{workplace_url}}"></script>

Click here to getting started guide.

Subscribe Form

This form allows you to subscribe to visitors to an audience on your website. Upon submission, a subscriber will be created in your workplace's CRM.

Basic Usage

<div subscribe></div>

Click here to view Subscribe Form Embeds docs.

Lead From

This form allows you to capture and save leads and save them to your workplace's CRM. This form operates similarly to the subscribe form.

Basic Usage

<div lead></div>

Click here to view Lead Form Embeds docs.

Contact From

This form currently does not save any data to your workplace, however, it sends an email to the workplace administrators.

Basic Usage

<div contact></div>

Click here to view Contact Form Embeds docs.

Payment Form

Basic Usage

<div payment></div>

This form allows you to collect payments on your website. Payment amounts are defined by the customer submitting the payment. Now, upon successful payment, the following events will occur.

  1. If an external client does not exist by the email provided one is created based on the form details.
  2. Your workplace will send an email to the workplace administrators and the email processing the payment.
  3. The payment will be logged and saved into your workplace's database for accounting.

Click here to view Payment Form Embeds docs.

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