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Thriveific offers a conversion-focused and effortless invoice management system. Create invoices, notify clients, and accept payments.
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Effortless Invoicing

How it Works..

Create Invoice, Notify Client, Get Paid!

Create Your Invoice

First, create your invoice & select the client you wish to invoice.

Notify Client

When your ready to send the invoice, just click "notify client."

Get Paid

The client will click the link in the email and be presented with the payment page.

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Custom Emails & PDFs

Customize your emails and PDFs to match your business's branding. Also, customize the email verbiage to match your business's tone.

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Converison Focused

What We Mean by
Converison Focused

Email, Click, Pay.


The client receives an email with the invoice details.


Right from the email, the client can go directly to the payment page.


Converison focus and effortless invoice expierence for everyone, you and your clients.


Invoice Life Cycle

Create, Notify, Get Paid.

Create Your Invoice

Create your invoice in a beautiful UI that's branded by you or your business.

Notify Client

When you're ready to send it over, just click "notify client."

Capture Payment

Converison focused and simple payment flow for your clients.

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Invoice Actions

Effortless Invoice

Thriveific makes it easy to manage invoices at any stage. In clicks you can view the invoice PDF, send SMS or email reminder and even more!

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Invoice Settings

Make it

Easy to use interface for invoice settings & custom email verbiage. Make it personable to match your business's tone.


Invoice FAQs

Frequently asked questions relating invoices.

Thriveific integrates with Stripe. Being Stripe is the payment processor, you need to have a stripe account then connect to your workplace to Stripe.
Yes, You have external and internal clients. If a user is not a member of your workplace you can invoice them as an external client.
Processing fees are handled by Stripe. These fees are 2.9% plus $0.30 per successful charge. Click here to learn more about Stripe's Pricing.
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